Top (L-R): Andrea Heinseleit, Clare (The Legend) Mallow, Kerry-Ann Weaver Bottom (L-R): Hennie Combot, Reesa Groenewegen, Nancy (DeGardenNomme) Denomme, Maureen (Loves to Volunteer and Work Here) Anderson

The modern farmhouse décor inside JoeAnna’s House is warm and inviting, and staff and volunteers work hard to keep it pristine for their guests.

But there are also the busy bees hard at work to beautify the outside as well. “Having been here since the beginning, our beloved volunteers, Clare Mallow and Maureen Anderson, are the original Green Thumb Givers,” explains Darlene Haslock, Director of JoeAnna’s House. “And now there’s a whole crew of nurturing hands that help keep our gardens flourishing!”

The Green Thumb Givers meet weekly, organize spring and fall clean-ups and help keep the landscaping at JoeAnna’s House healthy and looking its best.

“The work that these enthusiastic volunteer garden gnomes provide saves us literally thousands of dollars in landscaping costs each year,” says Darlene. “They are so appreciated and it means so much that our gardens are being tended to by people who truly love JoeAnna’s House and all it stands for.”

Join a team of people just as committed as you to giving back and advancing health care, right here at home. From a regular shift at a hospital venue, JoeAnna’s House or the Rutland Thift Store to assisting at an upcoming fundraising event, your gift of time will make a difference.

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