June 8th is Good Lemonade Day – a one-day, province-wide fundraiser that aims to generate funds for JoeAnna’s House through lemonade stands.

Join us at JoeAnna’s House on December 17, for a heartwarming day of fun festivities in support of keeping families together.

October 14th is Better Together Day – a one-day, call to action to support JoeAnna’s House!

Bases are loaded, batters are up, and we’re going to hit it out of the park… just a little differently this year.

We may not be able to play ball together this year, but we can still work together to hit a grand slam for JoeAnna’s House! Josh Gorges and Blake Comeau are back! And they’re bringing the fun online. Are you rooting for Team Gorges or Team Comeau? Dollar for dollar, the guys will face off to see which team can raise the most for JoeAnna’s House. It’s HOMEBASE 2.0!

Want to see your favourite win? You can purchase your 50/50 or make a donation in support of either Team Gorges or Team Comeau. And, may the best team win…HOMEBASE 2.0.

And even better, no matter which team wins the cup, the real winner is JoeAnna’s House and the families who need a place to stay when their loved ones are being cared for at Kelowna General Hospital.



WINNER: Ticket # 03933 – BRITTNEY PAGE

TEAM GORGES SWAG BAG WINNER: Brendan & Kayleen Ritchie